Are you one of 14,000,000 Americans out of work? I’ve been there. It sucks.  I was fired from my first job because I didn’t understand how to give change.  I was also fired at my second job.  I ate a piece of bacon.  Being fired shouldn’t be a surprise though.  Every job will end in […]

Some kids liked school – I hated school.  I remember fighting off my mother and the school principle with a golf club my dad had left in the back seat as they tried to put me back in my 3rd grade cell. And here’s the thing. Now that I’m all grown up I really appreciate […]

No kidding. Yeah I know, this sounds a little nuts.  If it wasn’t for a life changing experience there’s no way I’d be putting myself out there to be lumped in with all the hucksters who claim they have a cure for all your ailments for $19.99. Believe me, I’m not easily swayed by claims […]

After I wrote This Supplement Saved My Life some readers of the blog asked me…..what do you have? Mentioning the disease I have, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ( better termed Myalgic Encephomyelitus) on my original post might have implied some guarantee of cure to the reader and caused government bureaucrats to show up on my front steps. […]