Crush Your Competition and Get Hired in 5 Steps

Are you one of 14,000,000 Americans out of work?

I’ve been there. It sucks.  I was fired from my first job because I didn’t understand how to give change.  I was also fired at my second job.  I ate a piece of bacon.  Being fired shouldn’t be a surprise though.  Every job will end in one of two ways – you’ll fire them or they’ll fire you.  And it will happen.

And here’s the deal…you’re in no shape to know how to get a job.

Really, you don’t want to get a job, you want a job to get you, right?  You’re damn good at what you do. You work hard. You’re smart. And any employer should be begging you to work for them.  Why are you having to beg for a job?

That’s your problem.  You lost your job. Damn it! And now things have changed.  You’re not confident. You’re not energetic. You’re not dying to ask for the job.

I have good news. Instead of begging for a job, you can get by being the smartest kid on the block. You are smart, aren’t you?

5 Steps to Hypnotize Your Future Employer and Steal The Job

1) Understand Your Employer. Have you hired someone? I have – it sucks.  If you want to hypnotize the employer you must first understand what he’s thinking.  Your employer wants to hire someone who

  • Won’t make him look like a fool to his bossimage 1 225x300 Photo
  • Can do the job (i.e. won’t be a big pain to train)
  • Isn’t smarter then he is, and doesn’t want his job.  (he should want someone smarter than he is, but trust me, he doesn’t)
  • Gets along with him, and will get along with everyone else

So do you see the common thread?  Your future boss is afraid. He wants a safe bet. You must convince him you are.

2) Don’t be yourself. You are not secure, and you are not the person your future employer wants.  You can’t be. That person doesn’t exist.  So you must become an actor. You must play a part.

But this is good. Have you ever felt the freedom of wearing a Halloween mask?  No one knows who you are.  One time I had to dress up as a Moose for a bar promotion. It was great. I was free. Free to be everything I’m not. Free to be aggressive. Free to hug women. Free to be the life of the party.

3) You must make contact. Here’s where you get really smart.  Employers want to hire people they have a connection with.  And before that, they want to interview people they have a connection with.  They want this, again, because they are scared of making a mistake. See #1.  One of the cardinal laws of marketing is that people buy what they’re familiar and comfortable with.  This is why Coca-Cola spends over 2.5 billion dollars a year on advertising a product every one is already aware of.  Because familiarity breeds trust and trust opens wallets.

Here’s your three-fold strategy to make this happen:

A) Network like CRAZY.  Your goal is to either meet someone who works for the company you want to work for, or to find a company you want to work for out of the people you know.  A great tool for doing this is LinkedIn.  The best time to start building your network with LinkedIn is years ago. The next best time is now.

My 205 contacts on LinkedIn means I have access to over 40,000 people through my connections and over 3,000,000 through friends of theirs.


B) If you know someone they know and can get a recommendation, do. If you don’t know someone then get several written recommendations that speak of your work ethic, your faithfulness and your incredible skill in what you do.  Those are the only things your employer wants to hear.  The fact that you have great character and knowledge are nice, but not relevant, and appear as a cover up for your lack of skills.

C) Make contact with the employer. If you can make contact with the employer you will rise to the top of the interview pile.  There are two ways you can do this:

  1. In person. This is where you must “put on your mask” and act like someone you’re not.  You’ll need to find out who the person who hires is – not HR – they’re the gate keeper.  You want to meet the person who makes the decisions.  Once you know who they are show up and ask to meet with them.  Use some very minor deception if you need to.  For instance, you can tell the gatekeeper that your visit involves a personal matter.  You’re meeting him – it’s personal.  If you feel even more aggressive you can do some internet research to find out what they look like and stake them out in the parking lot.  Just say “Mr. Johnson I’m  so and so.  I’m well qualified for the job you have, I want it, and I’d like to ask for just 1 minute to sell myself for an interview.”  Then give him your “elevator pitch.”  Tell him your experience, tell him how you can excel at the job,  and ask for an interview.  Say “I can meet you for an interview this Thursday at 8:00am  Will that work for you?  Even if he blows you off you’ve made first contact and he’ll remember you.
  2. By mail or email.  You’re going to follow this route whether you did contact choice #1 or not.  You are going to make contact and make contact often – like no less than every other day.  I know what you’re thinking “I don’t want to bother him.”  But you need to bother him because bothering him works. Remember? Familiarity breeds trust and trust gets you the job.  Start emailing him almost every day.  Make some of the emails about yourself and make some of the emails “I thought you would find this interesting.”  Then send him mail twice a week . Do creative things like putting 15 stamps of different denominations to make up the postage or sending your mail in an express postage envelope.  Include your picture, unless your appearance is a negative. He won’t want all this stuff, but it won’t be a big burden to him because he’ll ignore most of it.   But that’s o.k.  You want to breed familiarity and the constant contact will do that.  He won’t be able to think about hiring without thinking of you and you will have proved to him beyond a shadow of a doubt that you want the job and you’re persistent as hell.  By the way, this is exactly the technique we use in the marketing world.  You hate getting all that junk email don’t you? But do you know why it keeps coming? Because it works. Do what works, not what you think you’d like.

4)  Take control of the interview. It’s vital that you know what the employer wants before he ask you about yourself.  Come with a pad and pen and after you sit down, before he has a chance to start, say “Before we start, I want to be sure that I’m not wasting our time. Can I ask you a few questions?  Ask open ended questions like “Can you describe your ideal candidate for this job?” and “what are the skills you need for this job?”  Then ask “If I can show you that I’m the person you’re looking for will you hire me today?”  When he interviews you, parrot back the qualities he told you and do it with confidence and conviction.  After the interview ask for the job. Don’t fail to do this!  And here’s THE most important part: You MUST act very enthusiastic!  It doesn’t matter if you are, you must ACT IT.

5) Follow up. In the same way that you bombarded him with emails and letters you must now do the same to get the job.  I had an employer tell me to call him in two weeks. When I called, their boss said they hired someone else because I didn’t call them back.  He even told me that I was the one they really wanted to hire.  Email every other day, write twice a week, and call once a week, no matter what they tell you!

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