Shun Education and Make Your Kid a Freaking Genius

Some kids liked school – I hated school.  I remember fighting off my mother and the school principle with a golf club my dad had left in the back seat as they tried to put me back in my 3rd grade cell.

And here’s the thing. Now that I’m all grown up I really appreciate the algebra and periodic table of elements and how our English teacher made us memorize something in old English.  I mean, it’s been so useful in….wait it’s coming…oh, yes, it’s been a common experience that I can share with friends at cocktail parties (not that I’ve ever actually been to a cocktail party). A painful commonness that binds society together.

Now that we have home schools and the internet and we can see that “getting an education” is really just a social “feel good” like recycling, can we all agree that everybody doesn’t need to know everything in case someday they may need to know it?

If you’re in public school, then you’re subject to the Public. And we all know that the Public is political.  The Public does not care for your kid. The Public cares for “the kids.” And the problem with caring for “the kids” is that “the kids” are not your kid. The kids are this group collective that must be all things to all people. The Borg comes to mind.

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Your kid doesn’t need to know all things. And if there’s one thing the internet should have taught us, it’s that we can’t know all things.

But all things are important to someone.  Everyone has a “thing” that is important to them.  And the Public has deemed that your kid must learn the things that are most important to it’s survival.  If you’re kid doesn’t learn the periodic table of elements then a large number of people who have the table as their thing will not be happy.  It’s important that “the kids” know this thing, because this thing is our thing. It’s a very important thing that is vital to the thing we do. Therefore we don’t want “the kids” growing up without “the thing.”   And if the Public doesn’t make the kids learn our thing then we’re going to be very upset with the Public and it will pay for it’s disobedience.  You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Resist the Public. Do your own thing. Educate your kid with the things that matter to their well being, not with the things the Public thinks are important, not with the things the Private think are important. Not even with your thing.  Unless your thing is also their thing.

How to shun education and make your kid a freaking genius:

1) You must rid yourself of the Public. No public education, no public mandates, no private mandates, no social norms, no social pressure, no familiar pressure – not even any kid pressure. You must be free to do the right thing, not the public thing.  The smart thing, not the common thing.  Smart people are different. Be smart.

2) You must decide what things are really important and which things might be important. Is the periodic table of elements or algebra important? They might be. But they never were for me. And if they had become important for me I’d have to learn it again anyway. I really remember nothing of algebra except that we’re trying to solve x, and nothing of the periodic table of elements except that oxygen is H20.  You’re kid probably won’t either, and if he does it will probably just cloud his thinking.  The things for my kid are the Bible, reading, writing, basic math, history, science and geography. Literature, algebra, geometry (beyond basic), fine arts, chemistry, and physics are optional.   Knowledge in general is good and having a broad baseknowledge of the world is great.  But we aren’t going to waste a lot of time teaching our kid the intricate details of some of these unless she displays an aptitude or interest in them.  And, good grief, no p.e.  Do I really need to educate my child on how to exercise?  Lets be honest, P.E. is for fat kids who don’t know how to play outside or run through the house.

3) Your kid must learn about the world around him.  I started to say your child must read a lot. But that’s not true. Your kid can watch videos and talk to interesting people and go on trips as well.  I want my kid to read a lot, but your kid doesn’t need to read a lot.  You may read a lot but most of the world does not.  And just because you think this makes them stupid doesn’t mean its a bad thing. Not everyone needs to be smart.  This is a non-optional thing.  Here’s why. We don’t know what your kids thing will be.  And in order for your kid to find out what his thing is, he’s going to need to know about the world.  He needs to find out what his interest and passions are. And he needs to find a thing that he likes that makes him money.  Ironically, this is a thing that the Public doesn’t teach.  The Public doesn’t care that you know the world around you, it just wants you to know it’s things.

4) Your kid must learn the important things well. The really big advantage of learning the important things is that you’re not wasting your time learning the unimportant things. You now have time to really learn the important things. You can learn, internalize, memorize and apply the important things.  Your kid will be a freaking genius because your neighbor’s kid isn’t really learning anything because they’re spending so much time trying to learn everything.

5) Don’t think that every kid needs to go to college. When your kid is older their thing may require college. But it may not.  There are alternatives to college.  I liked college. It was fun.   But I didn’t need it, and it didn’t offer the instant passport to success that it promised.( I take that back…I did need it. But I needed it because the public school system failed me so miserably. ) If your kid wants to be a doctor or a lawyer or a public school teacher then you’ll need to teach them what they need to know to pass the test to get in.  Then they’ll be  back in the system. They’ll be forced to learn other people’s things that they won’t remember or need. But that will be their choice. They’ll have to satisfy the Public if they want to do those things.

6) This is not an anti-education plan, it’s a strategic education plan. Most of the negative responses I’ve received from this article are from people who think I’m down with education. Au contrair! Don’t you get it?  The problem with education today is doesn’t work!

Take for example this recent article about a nationwide test released on Tuesday, with most fourth graders unable to say why Abraham Lincoln was an important figure and few high school seniors able to identify China as the North Korean ally that fought American troops during the Korean War.  These kids spend countless hours in history class reading hundreds if not thousands of pages and being tested on all the knowledge – yet they know nothing.

I can teach my 5 year old daughter all she needs to know about American history in 10 hours. Then we’ll spend time throughout the year reviewing and memorizing that information.  By the time she’s 6 she’ll make your high school student look like a moron. What about all the other minor facts and information in American history?  Who cares?!  That’s right, who cares?  She’ll actually know what she needs to know to understand American history and how it’s shaped our country.  And she’ll desire to fill in the gaps.  Because I’m not force feeding her every minutia of American history she’ll have an interest in reading about it.

Let me see, did I leave out any…..thing?

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  • john ashter

    Unbelievably good stuff. There’s so much BS in education. No one is really educating the kids just fulfilling their political agenda. Has this approach been tried? I think we have to think outside of the box if we want to beat China.



  • Joel Hatcher

    John, it will never be tried because those in charge of “public education” know it would produce independent thinkers. The public schools were founded with the intent of churning out unthinking unquestioning worker drones. Good little members of the collective who do not want to be individuals are the stated goal of the early “common” or public school founders.

    “I don’t want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers.” John D. Rockefeller (founded the National Education Association)

    The children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone would be interdependent.
    - John Dewey, philosopher and education reformer of late 1800s-mid 1900s

    The public schools want to erase every trace of individuality and replace it with collective thought. Everyone will be forced to do certain things because that is what the collective wants. Nobody is to be allowed to think for themselves. Public schools do not educate, they indoctrinate.



  • George

    Hi Brian, it’s George from … thanks for visiting my site… thought I would come over and look at yours… It is great…. Don’t know if you have heard of Sir Kenneth Robinson but he is a great listen. Have followed him for years and attended his presentation last year at our local college. He is worth the listen… enjoy… Hope this opens for you…..



    • Brian Marsh

      Thanks George. I’ll check him out!