36 Symptoms of My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

After I wrote This Supplement Saved My Life some readers of the blog asked me…..what do you have?

Mentioning the disease I have, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ( better termed Myalgic Encephomyelitus) on my original post might have implied some guarantee of cure to the reader and caused government bureaucrats to show up on my front steps.

First, Cellgevity hasn’t “cured” my disease.  It might, I don’t know. But I still do have some symptoms and if I stop taking Cellgevity I feel bad again.  But still, it has caused most all of my thirty six symptoms to cease or at least become less frequent and severe.
My fatigue continues to some extent, but is mostly blunted (I’m still able to traverse stairs just fine) and only shows up in full force when I’m tired or have over exerted myself.  My memory recall has not been helped at all, and seems to be getting worse.

If you’re anything less than the healthiest person who ever lived, I’d like to highly encourage you to try it.

For those of you who have asked, here are thirty six of the symptoms I can recall. It’s possible I left off some, as some are recurring and others come and go.

  1. Fatigue – usually made worse by physical exertion. This isn’t drowsiness, but rather a disabling and painful weakness of the muscles and nervous symptom.
  2. Cognitive function problems
    • attention deficit disorder
    • calculation difficulties
    • memory disturbance
    • frequently saying the wrong word
  3. Psychological problems
    • anxiety (losing all your assets from the illness and not being able to work kind of intensified this..)
  4. Other nervous system problems
    • sleep disturbance
    • headaches
    • changes in visual acuity
    • seizures
    • numb or tingling feelings
    • lightheadedness – feeling “spaced out”
    • paralysis
    • severe muscle weakness
    • non-restorative sleep
    • decreased libido
    • twitching muscles (“benign fasciculations”)

  5. Recurrent flu-like illnesses – often with chronic sore throat
  6. Muscle and joint aches
  7. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, intestinal gas – “irritable bowel syndrome”
  8. Low grade fevers or feeling hot often
  9. Night sweats
  10. Heart palpitations
  11. Other symptoms:
    • hair loss (o.k., I can’t blame all the hair loss on CFS icon smile Photo
    • chest pain
    • dry eyes and mouth
    • TMJ syndrome (i.e. jaw pain)
    • carpal tunnel syndrome
    • pyriform muscle syndrome causing sciatica (tingling in the leg)
    • easily getting out of breath (“dyspnea on exertion”)
    • symptoms worsened by extremes of temperature
    • multiple sensitivities to medicines, food and other substances
    • Post-exertional malaise, where physical or mental exertions bring on “extreme prolonged exhaustion and sickness”. 

That’s a lot, huh?  If you have CFS (or lyme disease or fybromyalgia) I’m very, very sorry that you also suffer this affliction.  Please, for your own sake, don’t hesitate for years like I did and suffer unnecessarily.  Try this stuff now!  

If, for some reason, it doesn’t work for you – big deal. Mark off another item you tried.  But it has worked for me and countless others.  I think this is the biggest medical break through in my life time.  If it was a prescription your doctor and the press would tell you all about it.

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