No Kidding -This Supplement Saved My Life!

No kidding. Yeah I know, this sounds a little nuts.  If it wasn’t for a life changing experience there’s no way I’d be putting myself out there to be lumped in with all the hucksters who claim they have a cure for all your ailments for $19.99.

Believe me, I’m not easily swayed by claims of grander.

I think most conspiracy theories are, well, theories.

And I’ve never been the kind of person that was taking a bunch of herbs and doing yoga (not that there’s anything wrong with that – I hear it’s great).

I’m kind of a normal guy.  I’ve always believed that if there was something out there that was really great, it would be all over the news.  But as I’ve grown older I’ve become more jaded.  I know have a much stronger belief in the “follow the money” theory.  And for pharmasuticals, there’s no money in supplements.

Until two weeks ago (it’s the 19th of November, 2011 as I write this post) I was very ill.  You wouldn’t have thought it looking at me.  I looked fine and most of the time I acted really normal.  But I have been in a lot of pain for FIVE long years.  My illness has completely bankrupted our family.  At times I had difficulty walking and have had at least 36 different symptoms including problems with cognitive functions (memory, complex thinking,ADD), muscle and joint pain (daily), eye sight, use of my hands, use of my legs, and constant and painful fatigue.  We went from a 3,700 sq. foot house to a 700 sq. ft apartment and spent time in a pay by the week motel with ex-cons (we lovingly referred to it as “roach motel”)

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In fact, my illness had so bludgeoned my life that I fantasized about the relief of being dead.  I didn’t want to die, but I really wanted relief, both from the pain and disability of the illness and from the ensuing stress that came from it.  I had accepted that I would never get better and would probably die early.  Although my marriage to my wife has held together through this the multiple issues that arose from my health and the ensuing poverty it has been anything but easy.  Our faith in God and obedience to Him sustained us.

Two weeks ago a friend finally convinced me to try a supplement called Cellgevity by Max International.  As I told you, I’m not easily convinced, but when you’re this sick for this long you get really desperate for a cure, or just some kind of relief.  And, you realize that the cure isn’t going to come from a doctor.   So this was the third time that he had practically begged me to try this.

THREE days into it I started to have more energy. On the forth day I decided to give it the “stair test.”  See, thanks to the illness (I won’t tell you what it is lest some government thug come knocking my door down, but lets just say I was chronically fatigued) I would be completely out of breath and bending over in pain after climbing the 15 steps to our second floor apartment.  So I decided to climb the steps and see what happened.

Now, feeling confident that I did have energy I decided to climb up the stairs TWO steps at a time.  Could I do it?

2011 11 27 15.40.03 225x300 Photo

The 15 Steps

Bam bam bam bam bam! I was up the stairs!  Then, get this…I did it THREE more times – up and down the stairs at a very quick pace, two steps at a time, before I even started to be out of breath!  Today I checked my progress. I ran quickly, double stepping, up and down those 15 steps SEVEN times.

My energy level has not only sustained itself but has grown since then.  I can work a full day now.  I wake up full of vigor. I sleep so well that I only need 6-8 hours of sleep instead of 10-12 hours of sleep.  And I’m virtually PAIN FREE!  Oh, and did I tell you? I’m off BOTH of my medications! (that alone may have saved my life)

Unbelievable huh? I know. It sounds too good to be true.  You know how they tell you that if it sounds too good to be true that it probably is?  Well this is one of those times where it’s not.  This product is a glutathione precurser.  That’s to say that it causes your cells to make it’s own glutathione, a master anti-oxident that is responsible for cleaning and energizing your cells.  The product was made successful by a renowned chemist who made a medical breakthrough in figuring out how to get glutathione in your cells.  This is the ONLY product in existence that can do this.  Other products have some level of success in bringing glutathione through the digestive system but your cells have no receptor for glutathione. In other words, glutathione won’t fit into the cell.

This changed my life.  It’s changed my wife’s life (It healed her in 3 days as well).  And I’m anxious to share this with more people.  Whether you’re a healthy person who just wants incredible performance like Evander Holyfield (who was so grateful for the products effect on his fighting performance that he endorsed it for free) or someone like me who has some kind of illness or just someone who’s feeling old, I want you to try this!  I’m totally convinced that this will change your life.  I haven’t met anyone who’s taking it who isn’t in awe of it’s effect.  In ten years this product will probably be given out like aspirin.

Here’s some information…

First, watch this video by Dr. Mark Hyman. Dr. Hyman has no affiliation with the product, but does a fantastic job of explaining the benefits of glutathione.  By the way, over 98,000 scientific studies and articles on Glutathione are recorded in PubMed, the official U.S. Government library of medical research.  There have been more studies showing the benefit of glutathione than vitamin C!

If you weren’t totally amazed by what you just saw then there’s really, really, something wrong with you.  Perhaps I should force feed you some Cellgevity right now…

Now remember, glutathione is GREAT! It’s what you need. However, there’s a very big problem.  Taking glutathione supplements won’t help you at all!  You’ve got to get glutathione IN your cells and, well, it won’t fit.  Even if it did survive your digestion (as some (awful tasting) glutathione products will help it do) it has a very minimal effect because it still can’t enter your cell.  Cellgevity is the only product that will get your cells to produce more glutathione themselves by giving them the “cell food” they need.

Now watch this (very) short video about the product:

Now, finally, here’s the link to the product.  You can buy the product here and by clicking on the tabs you can see exactly what’s in it and such.  If you buy it I will make a smidgen of money. I know that must be painful for you.  I promise, I will not use the money for any evil purposes.  This worked for us in the first week, but it may take you longer – I don’t know.  I can’t promise it will cure anything. I’m just telling you that it did for me and it did for my wife.  I mean, good grief, it’s just unfreaking believable.  You should try it.  And I think the wise thing to do is to save some bucks by buying it on the preferred program, but if you’re really skeptical and short on money, just buy one bottel.

I am so hyped up about helping people with this product that I’m willing to answer your questions by email or even call you if necessary. Just try it.

Click on THIS LINK to see the product.

And after you try it, please, for the love of God, email me to tell me about your success!

One more thing…I can’t let this testimony stand without giving the credit where it’s due.  I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for my healing! And I’m so thankful that He did it through Steven K Scott, Cellgevity, the doctors and chemist involved, and a faithful friend (John D.) who bugged me relentlessly until I tried it!

Update: 12/30/2011  I’m still taking Cellgevity, and things are still great.  I do still have some issues that Cellgevity hasn’t resolved (yet).  However, my energy level is *awesome*, my pain is barely present, and I’ve been off my meds for a few months now.  Some additional benfits I’m seeing: Hair growth. Yeah, I know, it’s weird. But hair is starting to grow back in the middle of my head.  Someone told me that studies have shown that your human growth homone is increased when your glutathione levels are increased – maybe that’s it.  I have another friend who claims his hair is growing back after taking Cellgevity too.  This isn’t actually the benefit I was looking for, but I’ll take it!  Also, my skin is looking much healthier; my brain is functioning a little better; and I seem to be developing muscle without trying.  I’m gaining weight but am not gaining fat.

** More success stories:

Karen S.:  When I first started telling people about my success with Cellgevity, Karen, a friend from chruch with Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia said “what is it and where can I buy it?”  She’s off her meds now too, most all of the pain is gone and she can’t believe how much energy she has.

My Mother-in-Law:  Cindy is in her late 50′s and has a boy friend who….I think is about that age or a little older.  They just started taking it a couple of weeks ago.  So far they’ve noticed a big increase in energy.  Cindy has some skin issues and Eddy has diabetes so I’m curious to see how the increased glutathione might help them.

More sucess stories from people I don’t know: click here  (“MaxGXL” was Max International’s first product.  Cellgevity is a  much improved product by Max)



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